Question • How do I register wih V and A Placement Agency (Pty) LTD?
Answer • You will need to come into our office to complete an application form and bring all your required documents with for verification.

Question • How can I arrange to be placed for orientation?
Answer • You will need to contact our placement department and arrange for orientation once there is a need for your rank in one of our specific hospitals.

Question • How do I update my details?
Answer • You will need to email us a copy of any details that may need updating or come to our office to update any changes.

Question • Who do I call to avail myself for shifts?
Answer • You will need to contact our placement department to avail yourself.

Question • How do I obtain my payslips?
Answer • All payslips are kept on your file, you will need to contact our office to make arrangements for collection or delivery.

Question • How do I find out what upskilling courses are running?
Answer • Any courses will be displayed on our calendar, contact our office for a booking.

Question • How do I contact V and A Placement Agency after hours?
Answer • Please feel free to contact any of our 24hr duty numbers listed.

Question • How will I be notified if there is a permanent post available?
Answer • Any available posts will be listed on our website.

Question • How do I report an IOD ? Needle Stick?
Answer • All hospitals have IOD / Needle Stick policies in Casualty Unit, they would contact us directly.

Question • How does your payment cycle work?
Answer • If you work anytime from Monday to Sunday, you will be paid the following week Thursday.

Question • Why must I pay TAX and UIF?
Answer • PAYE and UIF and South African Mandatory Deductions as per South African Revenue Serves and the Department of Labour.

Question • How much is the Tax that i need to pay?
Answer • If you are permanently employed your tax is fixed at 25%, if you only work agency, your tax is calculated according to SARS tax tables.

Question • Do i nedd Idemnity Insurance?
Answer • Yes, this is required, if you do not have you can contact our office to arange cover.